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 Academic Record - Transcript

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Applying for an official transcript
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Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)
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Verification of qualifications

Official Academic Transcripts
An Official Academic Transcript shows your program, the results for each course studied, as well as your final qualification (after conferral). Please note, official academic transcripts include all courses undertaken whilst at The University of Queensland. A transcript cannot be provided for selected courses, selected programs or study periods. When you complete your program, a complimentary Official Academic Transcript will be provided with your Award Certificate (degree testamur) and AHEGS.

Your Official Academic Transcript may be used to apply for:

  • a job;
  • a scholarship; or
  • credit at another university.

In some circumstances you may be asked to supply a certified Academic Transcript — to do this, you will need to request an Official Academic Transcript, make a copy of the original and then have the copy witnessed by a Justice of the Peace (JP) or Commissioner for Declarations (C.dec) as being a true and exact copy of the original.

Justices of the Peace can be located in the Yellow Pages and there are Commissioners for Declarations at the student centres at St Lucia, Ipswich and Gatton campuses.

Click here for information about applying for an official academic transcript.

ETranscript - progressive rollot of functionality to 2015 and 2016 graduates only
For information related to the limited trial of eTranscripts, please visit the eTranscripts site here.

Studies Report (Unofficial Academic Transcript)
A studies report is a progress report of your results which you can view via mySI-net. It contains similar information to your Official Academic Transcript, but cannot be used for official purposes.

Certificate of Award
This is a letter from The University of Queensland stating your name, any degrees you have been awarded and their conferral dates. This is not a replacement testamur.

Course and Program descriptions
If you need more information regarding degree requirements and/or courses you have previously studied at The University of Queensland, Handbooks from all previous years are available in the University Library for you to photocopy.

Verification of qualifications
Prospective employers can obtain a verification of award  for University of Queensland graduates through a free on-line service.

If you require more information than is available through the on-line service, a manual verification (PDF) can be requested for a $30 charge. You will be required to provide written authorisation from the person whose details you are verifying.

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