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 About course profiles

A Course Profile is a detailed description of a course. Course profiles for all UQ courses are developed in a standardised format, in six sections. Information featured in a course profile includes:

  • Section 1: Course description, teaching staff (lecturers, tutors) and their contact details
  • Section 2: Course aims and learning objectives
  • Section 3: Required and recommended resources (texts, materials or useful websites)
  • Section 4: Learning activities (lectures, tutorials, pracs, field trips)
  • Section 5: Assessment items and due dates
  • Section 6: University policies, and School and course guidelines

When you view the course profile online (see below), you will find links to these sections in the menu on each course profile page.

Profiles are published by the School responsible for teaching the course and are made available online before the start of classes.

Accessing online course profiles
All UQ course profiles are available online. There are two key websites from where you can access course profiles.

  • The Programs and Courses website
    If you have not yet chosen your courses, the Course search facility on the Programs and Courses website is an excellent place to start. Once you have identified a course of interest and located its ‘course page’, from there you will be able to access the public version of the course profile, as well as archived course profiles from previous semesters, if available. [The public and archived versions do not provide access to two small parts of the course profile - some staff contact details and some sensitive assessment details.]
  • mySI-net (only for enrolled students)
    If you are already enrolled in a course, you will have access to its full course profile via mySI-net. Sign-in to mySI-net and view your list of enrolled courses (the Course List). Each listed course will feature a Profile link, which, when clicked, will display that course’s profile without restriction. Some course profiles may have file attachments and/or links to web-based resources.

Your School may provide other ways of accessing course profiles, such as the School’s website or the course’s Blackboard (eLearning) site.

Availability of course profiles online
It is University policy that the course profile will be available online by the date of the first scheduled learning activity (such as a lecture or practical class) for the course.

Schools will start publishing their course profiles online about four weeks before scheduled classes begin. If the course profile has not yet been published, no link will be present on the Programs and Courses website and the link from mySI-net will display a message explaining that no profile yet exists. Some details in the course profile might change during the semester. The online version of the course profile is the authoritative version.

If you have an enquiry about the availability of a course profile, you should contact the responsible School. You will find the name of the school responsible for a course in the 'At a glance' box' on each course entry in the Courses database. You will find contact details for each school by searching in the UQ Organisational units database.