MBRS has three vessels for hire for use by researchers and education groups. MBRS boat operators may be hired (advance booking required) or visitors who meet Maritime Safety Queensland and UQ requirements may operate the vessels themselves.

Minimum qualifications for the master of a vessel under 7.5m:

Operators should have a good working knowledge of local conditions. In particular, if boating outside of Moreton Bay into oceanic waters (i.e. Point Lookout), local knowledge and experience with crossing the South Passage Bar are required. Risk assessments for the work being conducted from the vessel must be completed and approved by the user's supervisor. In addition to the ship's log, the MBRS Vessel Safety Induction Form must be completed for each day of vessel use and submitted prior to departure.


Vessel name and description Image


5.37m centre console semi-rigid inflatable vessel powered by a Yamaha 100hp outboard engine. 'Pelagia' is surveyed to carry between 8 - 12 special personnel depending on area and type of operations.


5.95m centre console plate aluminium vessel powered by two 60hp outboard engines. 'Xiphias' is surveyed to carry 6 special personnel.


5.85m centre console semi-rigid inflatable vessel powered by two Yamaha 90hp outboard engines. 'Glaucus' is surveyed to carry between 6 - 12 special personnel depending on area and type of operations.

Note: When scheduling a boat please allow 30 minutes for a vessel safety check and induction.

SCUBA Diving and Snorkelling

SCUBA diving and snorkelling activities must be conducted in accordance with the University of Queensland Diving Policy and Procedures Manual (1404kb). Please familiarise yourself with the manual. Forms required for snorkelling and SCUBA diving at MBRS are located in the manual appendices.

All individuals seeking to engage in snorkel/diving activities under the auspices of the University must apply for listing on the University Diver Register diver and gain approval from the UQ Boating and Diving Officer before commencing fieldwork. The following information is required:

  • a completed Snorkel or SCUBA Diver Registration Form
  • copies of relevant diving qualifications
  • copies of diving logbooks
  • a copy of a current occupational diving medical within 12 months
  • a copy of current First Aid and Oxygen Administration qualifications (undergraduate students involved in diving activities as part of their course work will only require a recreational diving medical dated within the last 12 months).

Find out about the full list of the forms required and the Central Boating and Diving facility at St Lucia.

Equipment Hire

The research station has the following equipment.

  • Mask and snorkels
  • Half and full fins
  • Weight belts
  • Booties
  • SCUBA tanks

Additional SCUBA equipment can be sourced from the Boating and Diving at UQ's St Lucia campus or contact MBRS to discuss equipment requirements and tank refilling.

Marine Weather Forecast

Refer to the following websites for weather information and forecasts

Willy Weather
Bureau of Meteorology


There are two tide cycles each day with a maximum range of approximately 2.5m.

  • Brisbane Bar Tides -  Please note: +17 minutes for low and -10 minutes for high tides at Dunwich. -44 minutes for low and -36 minutes for high tides at Amity Point. -80 minutes for low and -80 minutes for high tides at Point Lookout.
  • Moon Phase - Australia