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Media International Australia publishes new scholarly and applied research on the media, telecommunications, and the cultural industries, and the policy regimes within which they operate.
Broadly inclusive and interdisciplinary, the journal welcomes the writing of history, theory and analysis, commentary and debate. While its primary focus is Australia, the journal also aims to provide an international perspective.
MIA was founded by Professor Henry Mayer in 1976.



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8 March 2015: MIA 154: Making Media Participatory  is now available to subscribers online.

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MIA 153
Digital Interventions in Everyday Creativity
Editors: Lelia Green and Sarah Pink
This themed issue of MIA advances our understanding of how digital media are implicated in processes of change. It interrogates how people engage digital
media in creative practices that lead to interventions in their own or others’ lives, and explores the intentionalities through which they do this, and the processes and experiences such activities involve. The intention is to bring to the fore the idea of intervening as a way of being active in the world – as a scholar, creative practitioner, activist or simply someone living their everyday life in ways that seek to generate forms of change. The articles in this issue address the use of creative interventions for affective and community-constructing ends, examining and highlighting the conscious use of the digital to disrupt and subvert existing patterns in communication and culture, heralding new possibilities while promoting inclusivity and social innovation.



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