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Media International Australia publishes new scholarly and applied research on the media, telecommunications, and the cultural industries, and the policy regimes within which they operate.
Broadly inclusive and interdisciplinary, the journal welcomes the writing of history, theory and analysis, commentary and debate. While its primary focus is Australia, the journal also aims to provide an international perspective.
MIA was founded by Professor Henry Mayer in 1976.



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Current issue

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MIA 153
Media Sport: Practie, Culture and Innovation
Editors: Brett Hutchins, Aneta Podkalicka and James Meese
The articles in this themed issue add to a rich tradition of media sport research that stretches back four decades, as well as two previous special issues of Media International Australia published on sports media (in 1995 and 2011). They also continue the important process of renewing this tradition by the inclusion of new and established researchers based in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium and Spain, and analytical perspectives that draw selectively upon media studies, television studies, cultural studies,media anthropology, social psychology and economics.The tripartite of ‘practice, culture and innovation’ encapsulates emerging themes in the study of media sport that connect with core (inter-)disciplinary concerns in and around communications and media studies.



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