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Media International Australia publishes new scholarly and applied research on the media, telecommunications, and the cultural industries, and the policy regimes within which they operate.
Broadly inclusive and interdisciplinary, the journal welcomes the writing of history, theory and analysis, commentary and debate. While its primary focus is Australia, the journal also aims to provide an international perspective.
MIA was founded by Professor Henry Mayer in 1976.



29 October  Applications now open for the position of MIA Editor 2015–19

12 July 2014: MIA 152: Public Spheres and the Media in India  is now published, and has been mailed to subscribers.

12 September Invitation to 2014 Henry Mayer Lecture, to be held at the ABC, Ultimo, Sydney

4 July 2014: MIA 151: Broadband Futures: Content, Connectivity and Control is now published, and has been mailed to subscribers.

22 October 2010: All issues of MIA now available to subscribers via our Subscribers Only link



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MIA 150
Broadband Futures: Content, Connectivity and Control
Editors: Matthew Allen, Sora Park, Catherine Middleton and Peter Thompson
This themed issue of MIA explores the issues surrounding the development and extension of sustainable broadband network access – necessarily a shared enterprise between government and the private sector. It looks at costs, opportunities missed and uneven provision of those opportunities, and examines possible ways in which future activity might be guided in a manner that advances public and private policy and development into new and more productive areas, rather than simply replaying the contests and complexities of the past decade.



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