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 The Marxan software is the most widely used software in conservation planning around the world. It was developed by Ian Ball and Hugh Possingham and provides decision support for the design of reserve systems.

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 We are pleased to announce the release of our new software, Marxan with Zones. It was developed by Matt Watts and the original Marxan authors, and is a substantial extension of the Marxan software designed to enhance the functionalities of its elder sibling. It provides many alternative multiple-use zoning options in geographical regions for conservation.


Note to Marxan with Zones users:
Some users have noticed negative penalties in their runs from Marxan with Zones projects. This is not a bug, no malfunction has occurred. In a future version of the software, this minor reporting issue will be corrected.


Download Zonae Cogito

 Zonae Cogito is a user friendly decision support system for the family of Marxan software. It was developed by Matt Watts and Romola Stewart, and draws on the research of many researchers and collaborators. The software incorporates open source GIS software components, eliminating the need for an individual or organisation to purchase costly GIS software in order to use Marxan. The software also acts as a GIS interface for The C-Plan Conservation Planning System.

Marxan at Work
CLUZ is an ArcView GIS interface written by Robert Smith at the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology that provides users with a dynamic connection with Marxan.

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