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Key Objective of the Koala Research Network

"To effectively synthesise the wealth of knowledge possessed by Australia’s koala researchers, disseminate this science amongst researchers and their institutions and convey it to government and the general public in a considered, integrated and understandable manner.”

Key activities of the Network are: :

  • Setting, promoting and integrating koala research priorities relating to koala biology, disease, ecology, monitoring programs and conservation planning.
  • Facilitating the collection, exchange and storage of data on koala populations, their health, distribution and abundance.
  • Scoping and publishing joint papers on key research issues relating to koala biology, disease, ecology and conservation.
  • Informing policy makers on key koala conservation issues and potential management measures.
  • Serving on relevant government committees to address koala conservation issues.
  • Promoting greater community awareness of koala conservation.

Wallum Waterhole
Wallum Waterhole - Photo: A. Smith








Mungalulla Creek
Wallum Creek - Photo: A. Smith

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