Packing up at the end of a field trip can be stressful and often last minute. There are many things you need to consider when packing up your experiments and departing Heron Island.

  • Check out time from your room is 9:00am. The Catamaran departs Heron Jetty at 10:00am. Your luggage will need to be placed outside you rooms in an obvious place at 9:00am as the luggage will be collected between 9:00am and 9:30am. The reccommendation is to book flights that depart Gladstone from 1:45pm onwards. The airport transfer bus will take guests to the Gladstone Airport at approximately 12.15pm. 
  • Do you need to freight items off the Island? If you have your own freight account ensure you know all the details. If you don't have a freight account HIRS has a TNT account that can be used. Any charges will be placed on your HIRS account. Large amounts of freight will have to go on the weekly barge, normally departing on a Thursday.
  • Do you have chemical waste? If possible you should always plan to take your chemical waste with you. Where this cannot be done you must consult with Scientific Staff about leaving waste behind. Chemicals MUST be correctly labelled. Charges apply for any chemical waste left behind. Please note: chemicals cannot go on the passenger ferry.
  • Do you have left over chemicals? HIRS cannot accommodate large quantities of chemicals and therefore chemicals cannot just be left behind. You should plan to take any excess chemicals back with you. Should the chemical be something commonly stocked by HIRS it may be able to be donated. Please consult with Scientific Staff. Please note: chemicals cannot go on the passenger ferry.
  • Are you taking samples or specimens with you? If you are taking samples off the island you need to plan how you will do this. Will you need dry ice? Will you need oxygen? What will you put them in? HIRS has one dry shipper that can be used to transport frozen samples but you must book this in with Scientific Staff.
  • Are you leaving samples at HIRS? At times circumstances may necessitate that you leave samples at HIRS for a period of time. Ensure you discuss this with Scientific Staff and that all samples are extremely well labelled. Unknown, unlabelled samples will ultimately be disposed of. It is not recommend that temperature sensitive samples be left at HIRS for extended periods due to the at times unpredictable nature of the power supply.
  • Do you wish to leave equipment at HIRS? If you have regular field trips to Heron you may wish to leave some things behind to reduce freight costs. You must consult with Scientific Staff about your requirements. All items must be well labelled and packed in appropriate storage containers. Cardboard boxes do not last in the Heron environment!
  • Have you completed the research tracking form? UQ tracks the research conducted by researchers at HIRS. Ensure you have filled in the research tracking form and returned it to ScientificStaff prior to departure.
  • Have you got everything? Leave yourself enough time to thoroughly check that you have cleaned out your lab and accommodation and have packed up absolutely everything.