Packing up at the end of a field trip can be stressful and often last minute. There are many things you need to consider when packing up your experiments and departing Heron Island.

Accommodation & Luggage:

  • Check out time from your room is 9:00am.
  • Place your luggage in an obvious location outside your room by 9:00am to allow for luggage collection.
  • If you are taking additional freight or equipment on the Catamaran please ensure the HIRS staff have been advised of this at least 24 hours in advance to allow for arrangements to be made.


  • Please collect your boarding pass from the Reception Office between 8:30am and 9:30am and confirm with staff that you have checked out of your room.
  • Please check in with Heron Resort Staff at the Jetty at 12:00pm.


  • The recommendation is to book flights that depart Gladstone from 4:00pm onwards. 

 Barge Freight:

  • Ensure all freight is appropriately packed and labeled.
  • Incorrectly packed or labeled freight may incur additional charges.
  • Where possible use your institutions' freight account. 

Chemicals & Chemical Waste:

  • Where possible you should remove chemical waste or unused chemicals at the conclusion of your visit via the freight barge.
  • If this is not possible please see HIRS staff to arrange for chemical disposal. Charges will apply.
  • All chemicals must be appropriately packed and labeled. Incorrectly packed or labeled chemicals will incur an additional charge.


  • Requirements for transport of samples should be considered carefully.
  • HIRS staff can arrange oxygen, dry ice, ice packs, or a dry shipper on request.
  • If specimens are to be left behind pending freight removal ensure that staff are aware of their location and that they have been appropriately packed and labeled.


  • Some equipment can be left on the island for future visits if prior arrangements are made with staff.
  • Equipment must be appropriately packed and labeled.


  • Other researchers/groups will gratefully accept food donations so please ensure you clean out your fridge and freezer space and donate the contents to those staying on the island.