There is typically no mobile phone reception on Heron Island. There is one public phone located outside the kitchen complex and phone cards are available for purchase at the Station. There are also phones located around the Station that visitors can use with a PIN allocated to them on arrival. Charges apply for calls.  

The Library/Computer Room has computers available for guests to access the internet. There is also a wireless network to which personal laptops and devices can be connected. Charges apply for internet access for Non-UQ guests. A username and password can be obtained upon arrival.

Medical Access

All HIRS Staff have advanced first aid training and the Station is well stocked with first aid equipment including oxygen provision kits and a defibrillator. At times a nurse may be located at the resort. If the nurse is available charges apply for consultations and vary depending on time of day, medication given, etc. Please remember that Heron Island is a remote location so consider your medical requirements carefully and ensure you are prepared.