Tactical Plan

The University of Queensland owns and operates two island research stations, Moreton Bay Research Station and Heron Island Research Station. The Faculty of Science and its Research Stations aim to support fundamental advances in scientific research and provide advanced and interactive teaching programs for scientific minds. The activities of the Research Stations will be communicated to engage with the local and global community and encourage and facilitate national and international collaboration. You can read more about the Stations' vision for the future in the Marine Research Station Tactical Plan 2015-2018.

Heron Island Research Station

Heron Island Research Station (HIRS) is internationally renowned for coral reef research and student training in marine sciences. Facilities and equipment rarely found in an offshore facility combined with its enviable position on the world's largest reef make HIRS the ideal location for marine and climate change research. Situated on the southern Great Barrier Reef, HIRS is the oldest and largest marine research station on the Reef. With crystal clear water and near pristine conditions, the Station provides easy and direct access to the marine environment.

The Station caters to Australian and international researchers and educational groups, offering modern wet and dry laboratories, indoor and outdoor aquaria, a large animal holding tank, separate research and teaching laboratories, seminar facilities, a library, computer room and extensive boating and diving facilities. HIRS, the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) and Heron Island Resort are the only inhabitants on the Island.