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Eligibility to Graduate
  In order to be eligible to graduate, you must complete all the requirements of your program. Your faculty or school will check your eligibility to graduate in your final semester of study.   If you expect...

Graduating at a later date
If you did not attend your graduation ceremony the first time around, you are able to attend the next available ceremony up to one year after the conferral date of your award.    

Graduations Information for Staff
Academic Staff Members of the Academic Staff (including Research Academic Staff) are welcome to attend graduation ceremonies as members of the Academic Procession (ie, members of the stage party) or as members of the audience.&n...

Receiving your certificate
If you attend your graduation ceremony, you will receive your certificate at the ceremony. You will also receive a copy of your academic transcript and your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) with the compliments of t...

What happens during the Graduation Ceremony?
All graduands must have registered, be wearing their academic dress and in their allocated seats in the Lecture Theatre of the UQ Centre, the veranda of Morrison Hall or the Cunningham Room of the Ipswich Civic Hall 40 minutes prior to the start of ...