Dual degree students complete one electronic Graduation Application form which lists both components of their program.

Dual degree students will be allocated to an appropriate ceremony for their program. This process will take into account historical attendance trends for each program. For example, most students completing Education dual degrees elect to attend the Education ceremony so all students will be allocated to that ceremony. Similarly, as most students completing Engineering dual degrees elect to attend Engineering ceremonies, all students from these programs will be allocated to the appropriate Engineering ceremony.

Dual degree students who wish to attend the ceremony for the other component of their degree may do so, providing there is space at that ceremony. Students who wish to change their ceremony should contact Student Progression (Graduations) once you have received your Graduation Application Form in mySI-net. Please note that you can only attend a ceremony that is appropriate for your program. For example, a student in the Bachelor of Business Management/Bachelor of Economics dual program could elect to attend either the Business Management or Economics ceremony but could not attend a ceremony for programs offered by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. If neither of the ceremony times are convenient, dual degree students can elect to defer attending a ceremony

All dual degree graduates receive two degree certificates.  

If you are doing two separate degrees at different times you are not considered a dual degree student and may attend both graduation ceremonies.

Bachelor of Arts students
The Bachelor of Arts includes a number of majors (such as Economics, Geography, Mathematics, and so on) that are offered by Schools that are part of another Faculty.  If you are completing one (or more) of these majors please note that you cannot attend, for example,  the ceremony for graduands from Faculty of Business, Economics and Law programs in the School of Economics. Instead, you must attend a Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences ceremony.

The graduation ceremonies for the Bachelor of Arts will be organised on a School basis. If you are completing majors in different schools, you may find those schools have different ceremony dates and/or times (eg, English and Philosophy). You will be allocated to one of the ceremonies but if you would prefer to attend the other one, please advise Graduations. If space permits, we will be happy to include you in your preferred ceremony. Please note that you can only attend a ceremony for a different Faculty if you are graduating from a dual degree.

Bachelor of Science students
The Bachelor of Science includes some fields of study (e.g. Human Movement Science and Psychology) offered by Schools that are part of another Faculty. If you are completing a Bachelor of Science in either of these fields please note that you cannot attend the other faculty ceremonies relevant to these non-Science disciplines.

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