Submitting your thesis is a rewarding time and is a fairly simple process that involves uploading your final thesis and extra documents electronically to the UQ eSpace.

Your thesis is considered submitted when your thesis, abstract and a fully endorsed Thesis Submission form have been uploaded and the Graduate School has determined that the University’s requirements have been met. After the Graduate School confirms the thesis meets the University’s requirements and includes the preliminary pages, the submission (or resubmission) of the thesis is officially recorded.

Once the thesis is officially recorded as submitted, your enrolment status is changed to “thesis under examination”. You will continue to have access to Library, email, and mySI-net therefore you are still required to maintain your student record on mySI-net. It is also important to regularly access your student email account to ensure you are receiving all official University communications.

International candidates
We recommend that international students submit their thesis 14 days prior to the census date to ensure any submission problems can be rectified prior to the census date to avoid incurring fees. If the date of submission is on or before the Census Date, you do not pay tuition fees for that Research Quarter. Therefore, you are encouraged to strive to complete your thesis so that it is ready for submission prior to the Census Date. Further information on Census Dates and Research Quarters is available below.

Research Quarter

Start date of Quarter

Due date for payment of charges

Census date / final date to cancel without financial penalty

End date of Quarter


1 Jan

15 Jan

1 Feb

31 Mar


1 Apr

15 Apr

1 May

30 Jun


1 Jul

15 Jul

1 Aug

30 Sep


1 Oct

15 Oct

1 Nov

31 Dec

Returning from interruption?
RHD students are not able to submit their thesis while under interruption and are to provide the required form to the Candidature Team to re-activate their enrolment prior to submission.

If you are an international student returning from interruption, then you will be fee liable as per the above rules. After the fees due date, students with outstanding fees will be charged a $100 late payment fee. If the thesis is submitted prior to the census date, however, the tuition fee liability incurred in the research quarter will be removed. If the thesis is submitted after the census date or not considered by the Graduate School as submitted until after the census date, the student will remain fee liable.

For further information, please refer to the Fee Rules or telephone Student Fees on 3365 2328.

UQ eSpace

All UQ RHD theses are to be submitted via UQ eSpace. When you are ready to upload your thesis to UQ eSpace, follow the steps below:

  1. Arrange completion of the Thesis Submission form. NOTE: This only for students who are submitting for the first time or resubmitting their thesis after receiving a 'revise and resubmit' examination outcome. Once this form has been completed and fully endorsed, you are required to upload this document to the UQ eSpace concurrently with your thesis and abstract.
  2. Convert your thesis to one PDF file. Please save your PDF using the following naming structure, ensuring all letters are in lowercase:


  3. Create a separate PDF of the thesis abstract. Please save your PDF using the following naming structure, ensuring all letters are in lowercase:


  4. Go to All RHD theses must be uploaded through this web page to ensure that your thesis is lodged in the correct area within the UQ Library.
  5. Log in using your student username and password and enter the requested information.
  6. Enter description for your file i.e. whether it is a submission or resubmission.
  7. Attach the thesis, abstract and Thesis Submission form.
  8. If you are submitting after receiving a revise and resubmit examination outcome, you are required to attach all of the documents mentioned in step 7 plus a list of the changes that you have made to your resubmitted thesis.
  9. “Upload your thesis”

When uploading your thesis to the eSpace, please refer to the points below to avoid delays.

  • Please provide all the requested information in the UQ eSpace.
  • Do not upload a secured copy of your thesis, as your document cannot be printed or annotated by your examiner.
  • Please list all colour page numbers, A3 and landscape pages, indicating the page number of the PDF document, not the page number of your thesis.
  • Please provide any supplementary audio files in MP3 format.
  • Please provide any supplementary video files in WMV format.
  • There is a file upload limit of 70MB to the UQ eSpace. If your thesis is larger than this, the UQ Library has tips on reducing file sizes. Alternatively, please contact the Thesis Examinations Team for further instructions.

When the upload is completed you will receive an automated email from the eSpace. The Graduate School also receives a copy of this email. If you are have difficulties uploading your file or logging into the UQ eSpace, please contact the Thesis Examinations team on or phone +61 7 3346 0531.

Thesis corrections

If you are required to make changes to your thesis after its initial review, upload a copy of your corrected thesis to the UQ eSpace along with a list of the changes made. The Graduate School will forward these documents to your School/Institute for review by the Chair of Examiners, the Principal Advisor and the Postgraduate Coordinator. These documents are also sent to any examiner who recommended major changes and indicated that they wished to review the corrected thesis. When the thesis has been reviewed and the revisions assessed as satisfactory, your School will forward a completed Recommendation to Confer Degree form to the Graduate School.

If you are required to revise and resubmit your thesis, repeat the thesis submission process. Once resubmitted, the thesis is sent out for re-examination, usually to the original examiners who made the initial recommendation of ‘revise and resubmit’, along with a copy of all reports from the initial examination and the list of changes made to the thesis. If the original examiners are not available then two new examiners will be appointed.

On occasion, you may be required to submit a Timetable for completing thesis corrections to outline your plans for correcting and/or re-submitting your thesis.

Last updated: Jul 20, 2015

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