The Graduate School ensures that all thesis examiners act with integrity. All Conflicts of Interest (COI) are avoided so that a thesis may be assessed independently and free from any perception of bias or preferential treatment. UQ uses the COI Guidelines that have been adopted by Universities Australia Deans and Directors of Graduate Schools..

It is important to note the following:

  • a conflict of interest may be with the institution, the advisor or the candidate.
  • the existence of a conflict of interest does not automatically preclude a nominee being approved by the Dean of the UQ Graduate School as a thesis examiner. When considering a nominee, the Dean looks at the nature and severity of any conflict(s) of interest.
  • the aim of the COI guidelines is to protect the candidate, examiner and UQ against potential negative perceptions during the thesis examination process. It is not a presumption that an individual will behave inappropriately.

If a potential conflict of interest is not declared by the School, the candidate or the examiner but discovered during or after the examination, the Graduate School may annul one or both examiners reports and a replacement examiner/s will be appointed.

For more information please contact the UQ Graduate School Thesis Examinations team at

Last updated: Sep 22, 2014

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