The Australian Government requires that all research higher degree students are enrolled as internal students. However, the University recognises that students who live a substantial distance from a UQ campus do not always have the same type or frequency of access to School/Institute and University resources.

Domestic students whose place of residence is more than 250km from their principal place of study may be granted remote status by their School/Institute.

International students may not reside that far from their place of study while they hold a student visa, so the only international students who may be granted remote status are those who are living overseas.

Remote status must be approved by the School/Institute via the Change of Candidature Status form.

When remote,

  • you and your advisory team must maintain satisfactory contact (by email, telephone, or in person);
  • you must have access to all necessary facilities (such as equipment, library resources, and the like); and
  • you must continue to make satisfactory progress with research.

Not all research projects can be conducted on a remote basis and the School/Institute may have extra policies regarding remote status. For example, it may be a School/Institute requirement for remote candidature that there is a suitably-qualified local associate advisor, so that you can continue to meet in person with a member of your advisory team.

The University expects that remote students will attend the University from time to time to obtain library materials, to consult with their advisory team, and to undertake other relevant activities within their School/Institute. The University Library provides remote access to its catalogue and databases as well as electronic journals and Internet services. However, remote students will need access locally to appropriate computer hardware and software and will need to obtain training from the Library. Detailed information on the services available can be obtained by contacting the University Library.

Form to use: Change of Candidature Status

Please ensure you have submitted official UQ travel details to UQ's Finance and Business Services (FBS) via the appropriate form to ensure you are adequately covered by insurance. This applies to domestic and international candidates travelling on official UQ business.


These forms are available on the FBS website --> Online Forms --> Insurance - Online Forms.  Your School/Institute Human Resources Officer or Field Work Officer should be able to advise further.

Last updated: Apr 17, 2014

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