University of Queensland midwifery student Kirsty Pledge has a weight off her shoulders after receiving a major Ipswich scholarship.

Ipswich Women's Development Network (IWDN) awards the $5000 Heather Bonner Memorial Scholarship annually to a young woman studying at the University of Queensland's Ipswich campus.

Ms Pledge, 20, is in her second year of a Bachelor of Midwifery.

She said it was difficult to maintain part time work with her study load, while also doing shifts at the hospital including nights and weekends.

"(With the scholarship) I'll be able to purchase a new computer for study, attend a conference and handle general living expenses,'' Ms Pledge said.

IWDN president Rhonda Nolan said the purpose of the scholarship was to keep the name of Heather Bonner alive in the Ipswich community and also enhance the status of women.

"Kirsty is typical of the young women who win. She is passionate, committed and achieves excellent academic results,'' she said.

The scholarship is designed to help recipients further their studies by giving them the money needed to attend conferences and to buy necessary resources.

Source: Courier Mail, October 21, 2011