Geraldine Lee (pictured above)

Since graduating with her Bachelor of Business from UQ in 2001, Geraldine Lee has rarely had cause to look back.

However bright her future might be, she hasn’t forgotten her alma mater, and since 2004 Geraldine has been contributing $50 a month to the Annual Fund Appeal.

“The Chinese have a saying, ‘When drinking the water, one must always remember the source of it’,” she said.

“I received a quality education from UQ and I wanted to do my part so that it can continue to improve its research facilities, which will in turn help other people.”

Ms Lee is currently working at Newcastle University’s Singapore campus, and says that being a UQ graduate led her to better job prospects and opportunities.

“It makes me feel good to keep my association with UQ going, while at the same time contributing to its ongoing growth and development, and maybe helping someone else achieve their dreams,” she said.