Encouraging bright young students to explore areas beyond the traditional Bachelor of Engineering program is what prompted alumnus Ian Rose (MEngSci 1974; BE 1971) to create the ROAM Consulting Scholarship. Ian, the co-founder of ROAM Consulting, is passionate about looking beyond conventional boundaries for answers. He believes that, ultimately, better outcomes are achieved through tackling challenges from many diverse perspectives.The undergraduate scholarship Ian and his company are giving will encourage and support electrical engineers to complete a joint Bachelor degree with one of business, commerce, economics, science or IT.

"To achieve the largest innovations, teams of people with diverse goals and interests are vital to industry. The reason I’m supporting the ROAM Scholarship at UQ is because I want to attract innovative people to electrical engineering, whilst encouraging them to build on their diverse interests and capabilities by incorporating another discipline whilst at university. Having this flexibility and adaptability is increasingly important, with working lives now spanning."