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Tuesday, 02 February 2010 - Thursday, 04 February 2010
All Day
Hilton Hotel, Brisbane
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Ms Alexia Franzidis
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The Australian and New Zealand Association of Leisure Studies (ANZALS), in association with The University of Queensland, is pleased to present the 9th ANZALS Biennial Conference: “Exploring New Ideas and New Directions” to be held at the Hilton Hotel, Brisbane, Australia, 2nd- 4th February 2010.

The choice of theme acknowledges the myriad issues and challenges that have significantly impacted on the form and structure of leisure studies programs throughout Australia and New Zealand in recent years. Such change has raised questions about whether or not it is a case of ‘old wine in new bottles’ – new administrative ‘homes’ – or is it something more fundamental? Are the growing areas of sport, event and tourism management becoming the new face of leisure and how well do these specialised programs incorporate the broader interdisciplinary approaches of traditional Leisure Studies? Importantly, what form should the ‘new generation’ of programs take?

The 2010 ANZALS Conference provides an important platform for academics, researchers and professionals in leisure, recreation, tourism, outdoor recreation, the arts, entertainment, culture and play to come together to share their research, knowledge and expertise.

The 2010 ANZALS Conference has secured four internationally renowned keynote speakers, all leaders within their fields of interest which broadly cover Leisure, Tourism and Recreational Studies. Our keynote presenters include: Professor Robert A. Stebbins, Professor Karla A. Henderson, Professor Donald Getz and Dr Norma J. Stumbo. In addition to our keynote presentations, the conference will comprise a number of paper presentations exploring the latest research in leisure studies relating to disability inclusion, outdoor recreation, healthy lifestyles, government policy, conservation, education and training, events and festivals and tourism.

Each ANZALS Conference attracts some of the most prominent local and international academics and researchers in leisure studies, and this year will be no exception.

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