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Monday, 10 September 2018
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Advanced Engineering Building (Building 49)
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UQ Careers
07 3346 7828
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Student Affairs Division

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The University of Queensland and Lockin China, the experienced overseas recruitment experts, will bring you the most practical Campus Employment Workshop, only for overseas talents who want to find opportunities in China.

The 2019 campus recruitment has now begun as overseas talents are away from the Chinese job market.

Participating in the workshop, you will:

1.Understand the Chinese recruitment market; know how to find a large number of job resources. This year, we have convened 2,000 of employers and over 30,000 positions for overseas students. Although you are staying abroad, you can still get to domestic recruitment markets.

2.Understand the job-seeking plan of fresh graduates; Know the right time to apply

3.Understand your future career positioning; Know your strengths and employers’ requirements

4.Understand how to write targeted and competitive CVs; Understand the interview process and fully display self-value

5.Join in On-site Group Mock Interviews
a)Mock Leadless Group Discussion, Recruitment Experts on-the-spot review to help you understand basic key points.

6.Join in On-site Mock Personal Interviews

a)Recruitment experts answer FAQs of the interview. Understand employers’ intentions, and show your strengths.

Seats are limited, please register below:

Follow Lockin China’s official account on WeChat, ID: lockinchina

If you have any questions about ”80 Days Event”, please contact: contact@lockinchina.com

Look forward to meeting you soon!

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