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Wednesday, 01 November 2017
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Building 41 (ilab)
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Ms Zarese Kisielewski
3365 6211
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Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation

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Disruptive forces are at play, fundamentally changing the way in which people work and live their lives. Automation, globalisation and innovation are terms which have been received negatively by the average Australian fearful of losing their income and livelihoods. The idea of a job for life or working for what we know today as an employer will change substantially with the World Economic Forum predicting the majority of workers will be contracted by 2030. We know the world of work will change with technology playing a major role, we just don't know how.

The Future of Work presentation addresses the imminent changes in the world of work impacting students, graduates, researchers and professional and academic staff. It will highlight personal stories from panelists on their own startup journeys and provide a handbook to build an entrepreneurial skill set.

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