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Thursday, 07 September 2017
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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General Purpose North 3 (St Lucia)
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Mrs Diana McCluskey
3443 1325
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Political Science and International Studies

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Professor Maja Zehfuss

Contemporary Western war is represented as enacting the West’s ability and responsibility to help make the world a better place for others, in particular to protect them from oppression and serious human rights abuses. That is, from Kosovo to Iraq war became permissible again, indeed even required, as ethical war. At the same time, however, Western war kills and destroys. This creates a paradox: Western war risks killing those it proposes to protect. This masterclass seeks to highlight ways to think beyond existing, unsatisfactory approaches to thinking ethics and war. It explores key issues that arise in the context of this dilemma. The logic of protecting civilians, for example, while typically thought to limit the destructiveness of war arguably legitimates war while practices of warfare seeking to observe it produce a problematic ethics. The point is not to demonstrate how ethical war can be fought, but on the contrary to challenge the vision of ethical war itself.

Maja Zehfuss is Professor of International Politics at The University of Manchester. She is the author of Constructivism in International Relations: The Politics of Reality (Cambridge University Press 2002) and Wounds of Memory: Politics of War in Germany (Cambridge University Press 2007). She is also the co-editor, with Jenny Edkins, of Global Politics: A New Introduction (Routledge 2008, 2013). Her latest monograph, War and the Politics of Ethics will be published by Oxford University Press in early 2018.

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To St Lucia Campus, UQ Ipswich, and UQ Gatton.

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