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Friday, 23 June 2017
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm
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Human Movement Studies Building (St Lucia)
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Ms Sally Goodwin
3365 6764
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Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences

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Volleyball programs were delivered in villages in Fiji and Vanuatu with the goal of increasing physical activity and improving nutrition in women. Questionnaires investigated attitudes, and qualitative data focused on opinions about the program and its perceived effects. In Vanuatu 94 individuals from three villages completed questionnaires. Two focus groups took place in one village. In Fiji questionnaires were received from 33 women from two villages. Qualitative responses were obtained from 42 women (four villages) and 11 men (two villages). Overall the attitudes and intentions of the villagers towards the volleyball program, physical activity in general, and healthy diets were positive. In Vanuatu many participants felt they had lost weight, learned new volleyball skills, and changed the way they ate as a result of the program. In Fiji both the men and women noted that the women were healthier, fitter, or lighter. The women reported feeling more confident and happier as a result of the program. The men observed increased village unity and their own improved attitudes towards women as a result of the volleyball program. Both participants and nonparticipants wanted the program to continue.

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To St Lucia Campus, UQ Ipswich, and UQ Gatton.

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