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Monday, 15 May 2017
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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Ms Sandrine Kingston-Ducrot
3365 6912
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Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences

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Knowledge translation (KT) is a dynamic and iterative process for ensuring research is used in practice. Integrated knowledge translation (iKT) is a research approach in which research users engage as equal partners alongside researchers through the entire research and dissemination process.

Dr Gainforth will discuss how her iKT research partnerships have resulted in health promotion research that is more applicable, useful and translatable to end-users than research conducted by researchers alone. Recommendations for fostering iKT science and partnerships will be discussed.

Dr Heather Gainforth is an Assistant Professor at the School of Health and Exercise Sciences, at the University of British Columbia.

Dr Gainforth’s academic training in Health Promotion, Knowledge Translation and Kinesiology has fostered her belief that evidence-based health promotion interventions and guidelines must be widely disseminated both in general and special populations. Her research aims to close the gap between health behaviour change research and practice by examining knowledge translation – the act of moving research evidence into the hands of research users.

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