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Monday, 14 November 2016 - Friday, 18 November 2016
All Day
Koonjewarre Retreat Centre, 2806 Gold Coast-Springbrook Rd, Springbrook QLD 4213
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Ms Crystal Concepcion
336 54813 or 0468841303
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Agriculture and Food Sciences

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The writing retreat session of 2016 is organized by the Veterinary School of Postgraduate Association (VeSPA) and School of Agriculture and Food Sciences (SAFS) student representatives.

This retreat aims to contribute to the enhancement of five skills:
1) scientific writing skill, 2) critical thinking, 3) presentation skills, 4) time management and 5) team work.

As a result of interaction between students from diverse scientific backgrounds, this writing retreat would not only help provide a venue for learning and sharing experiences and way of thinking on scientific communication through writing, but also to build up the understanding and collaboration on further research work. A guest speaker will provide useful information and materials for writing. The overall aims for the writing retreat are to provide students with motivation, a supportive learning community and a productive space, in order to build their confidence and be away from distractions during writing. In addition to this, this writing retreat seeks to be a learning community that would be able to provide students with further suggestions and comments; thereby better enhancing their scientific writing abilities.

Koonjewarre Retreat Centre
2806 Gold Coast-Springbrook Rd,
Springbrook QLD 4213
14-18 November 2016

Funding organisation
This writing retreat is co-funded by the School of Veterinary Sciences (SVS), SAFS, UQ Advantage Office and the University of Queensland Postgraduate Association (UQ APS). Moreover, the program and sessions to be covered in this retreat are organized by the members of VeSPA 2016 executive committee and volunteers from SAFS Postgraduate Students Association.

A maximum of 20 participants (10 participants from SVS and 10 participants from SAFS) are welcome to attend the writing retreat. These participants are research higher degree (PhD or MPhil) students currently working on completing their milestones (confirmation, mid-candidature, and thesis review) as well as preparing scientific articles for publication.

The participants have to bring their own work materials such as paper, documents, hard drive, and laptop to be able to work and write, and other writing materials such as book, papers, pens, pencils, etc. and other necessary materials during your stay for 4 days.

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