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Wednesday, 13 July 2016
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Dr Mathew Hillier
Contactable via email only
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Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation

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A panel of three selected presenters from the International Assessment in Higher Education 2016 professional education seminar (held 30 June) will be discussing the topic of 'Transforming Assessment and Feedback in Higher Education on a wider scale: the challenge of change at institutional level'.

Panel Chairs: Sally Jordan, Open University UK, and Prof Sue Bloxham, University of Cumbria.

Panel members and topics:

Sally Brown (Leeds Beckett University) & Kay Sambell (Northumbria University): 'Changing practice on feedback at an institutional level'

Amanda Sykes (University of Glasgow) & David Morrison (Plymouth University): 'Half as Much but Twice as Good: Constructing Effective Written Feedback in Any Subject'

Juliet Williams (University of Winchester): 'Changing colours: what happens when you make enhancement an imperative?'

Each panel member will contribute to the discussion with a short overview of their presentation at the day event, followed by questions and discussion between the panel and online audience members.

Starting 07:00am Universal standard time (5PM Brisbane) time for 1 hour.
Further information, time zone conversions and registration via http://ta.vu/13jul2016

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