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Wednesday, 04 May 2016
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Dr Mathew Hillier
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Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation

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Presenters: A/Prof Abby Cathcart, Principal Fellow of the HEA (Queensland University of Technology, Australia) and
Dr Darrall Thompson, Learning Futures Fellow (University of Technology Sydney, Australia).

Special joint session between transforming Assessment and the Higher Education Academy UK.

There have been many major projects, initiatives and frameworks developed to enhance assessment practice at institutional, national and international levels. However, we need a deeper conversation about the significant barriers to implementation. Compliance pressures in both research and teaching can tend to cause a surface approach in even the most dedicated academics. It is proposed in this webinar to both present and engage with these challenges with a focus on transforming assessment. The concept that assessment methods have a significant backwash effect is clear when we see that the predominance of high stakes exam-based assessment throughout school years of study encourages both parents and children to focus on marks and grades as the only determiner of value and progress. The single mark given conflates the reasons for differentiation between studentsí performances and obscures the diversity of orientation that may inform future study and employment. The culture of the single mark or grade needs to change and this webinar proposes that a focus on assessment is the way to begin this transformation.

To register for this online session please go to http://ta.vu/4may2016

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