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Tuesday, 22 March 2016 - Tuesday, 22 March 2016
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Global Change Institute (20), Room 275
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Ms Krystle Henry
3443 3118
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Global Change Institute

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Join The University of Queensland's (UQ) sustainable water researchers on 22 March (World Water Day) for their insights into successful research collaborations in Argentina and Uruguay.

Argentina’s newly elected government means that Argentina is now ‘open for business’. Uruguay is a small but stable economy. Both countries are looking to develop their mining resources, but are aware that community, water, economics and other impacts need to be managed to avoid the negative legacies experienced by other countries in their region.

AusTrade Argentina-Uruguay has praised UQ’s relevant expertise in water research – from groundwater mapping to community engagement, and wastewater treatment to whole-of-catchment regeneration. In late 2015, AusTrade Argentina-Uruguay hosted a GCI-led team of UQ water researchers for a week of engagement with water managers and researchers from industry, government and universities.

Join a panel discussion of the UQ Water Mission representatives to hear about the key issues in, differences and challenges that face Argentina and Uruguay in their quest for resource development and agricultural expansion that is not at the expense of environmental and community sustainability.

In addition, these representatives from GCI, UQ Advanced Water Management Centre, UQ School of Agriculture and Food Science and UQ Sustainable Minerals Institute will outline the opportunities for UQ to work in this region more broadly, the model they are using to establish and nurture these international partnerships, and the next steps to involve a wider range of UQ researchers in the resulting projects.

About the Panel:

Professor Helen Ross - School of Agriculture and Food Science
Associate Professor Eva Abal - Global Change Institute
Dr Sue Vink - Sustainable Minerals Institute
Dr Stephan Tait - Advance Water Management Centre
Dr Nina Hall - Global Change Institute

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