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Are you interested in a postgraduate career in geophysics?

$5,000 Top-up APA PhD scholarships are available from Earth Systems Science Computational Centre for 3 years. Scholarship will be contingent on acceptance of an APA. Undergraduate summer vacation internships are also available at ESSCC in any of the projects listed below.

They will be awarded to students undertaking a PhD project at ESSCC in any of the projects listed below.

Students with a strong background in Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, Geophysics or a related field are strongly encouraged to apply!

UQ has the simplest application process in Australia where you can apply when you want and start when you want.

ESSCC also offers projects for vacation scholars in the UQ Summer research program. The summer research program offers a unique opportunity for students to obtain experience in research work. See the guidelines for further information. Applications close approximately mid-October each year. ESSCC also has additional vacation scholarships available for suitably qualified students.

For more information please contact: Dr Louise Olsen-Kettle

A listing of scholarships and opportunities for international students to work and research at ESSCC can be found at: International Student Information

Applicants are invited to apply for PhD positions or Honours/MSc projects within the Earth Systems Science Computational Centre, The University of Queensland, Australia. The Earth Systems Science Computational Centre conducts research on the mechanics and physics of solid Earth processes on all scales using supercomputer simulation and we have a variety of exciting projects.

These cross-disciplinary projects typically include one or more of:

  • Mathematical Physics
  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Computational Science and Software Architecture
  • Mechanical, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Geophysics
  • Finite Element Methods

After discussions with their intended supervisors applicants may also propose projects that tailor their specific background in these areas. However, we caution that supervision can only be provided in cases where the topic is consistent with (1) the goals of ESSCC, (2) the expertise of the requested supervisors and (3) the available supervisory capacity. Furthermore we welcome collaborations with other UQ departments.

Honours and MSc candidates must have a Bachelor degree and PhD candidates must have an Honours degree or MSc in Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Geophysics or a related field. Preference will be given to Australian students. All students will be considered on merit and international students will be considered if additional funding is available. All candidates must meet the appropriate entry requirements of the University of Queensland as described in the Postgraduate Program Information pages. Unless otherwise specified a student wishing to undertake these projects must apply for an appropriate scholarship. Information on a variety of postgraduate research scholarships is available from the UQ Graduate School. In preparation of an application for such scholarships, the intended supervisor(s) will assist with project specific references, resources and advice.

For more information on the department, please visit the ESSCC Website. For more information on each of these projects please see below or contact one of the staff members listed.

$5,000 p.a. APA PhD Top-Up Scholarships are available for 3 years in any of the projects listed below. Scholarship will be contingent on acceptance of an APA.


International Student Information
International student information

Volcanic seismicity project
Postgraduate Project Advertisement

Numerical modeling of complex fault systems: implications for seismic hazard analysis and mineral exploration
Postgraduate project

Tsunami earthquake project
Postgraduate Project Advertisement

Ice sheet dynamics and ice quakes project
Postgraduate Project Advertisement

Slip-complexity in earthquake models
Postgraduate Project Advertisement

Interacting fault systems and earthquake triggering
Postgraduate Project Advertisement

Computationally Modelling a Volcano
Postgraduate Project Advertisement

Computational Modelling of Melting and Melt Extraction in Terrestrial Planets
Postgraduate Project Advertisement

Coupling Computational Models of Global and Regional Geodynamics
Postgraduate Project Advertisement

Computational Porous Media Modelling in Geophysics
Postgraduate Project Advertisement

Computational Porous Media Modelling in Mining and Mined Land Rehabilitation
Postgraduate Project Advertisement

Contemporary 3D Finite Element Methods in Geophysics
Postgraduate Project Advertisement

Continuum Modelling of Fast and Slow Granular Flows
Postgraduate Project Advertisement

Honours/Masters Projects in Earthquake Seismology
Postgraduate Project Advertisement

Discrete-Element Modelling of the Mechanics of Granular Materials
Postgraduate Project Advertisement

Multiscale Modelling of Earthquakes with Application to Hazard Mitigation
Postgraduate Project Advertisement