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The Earth Systems Science Computational Centre (ESSCC) at The University of Queensland conducts research on the mechanics and physics of solid Earth processes on all scales using supercomputer simulation and by applying the methodologies of geophysical fluid and solid mechanics. ESSCC has three interconnected research streams - earthquake physics, geodynamics and computational modelling.

ESSCC grew from the QUAKES reseach centre. It is the headquarters of the ACES international cooperation for developing supercomputer simulation models for the complete earthquake process, is coordinating the establishment of the Australian node of the International Solid Earth Virtual Research Observatory Institute (iSERVO), and is to host of the Australian Computational Earth Systems Simulator Major National Research Facility (ACcESS MNRF). The HPC supercomputer platform hosted at ESSCC for solid earth research is among the fastest in Australia.

The advanced computational technologies and simulation software being developed are applicable to a wide range of industrial and environmental domains and provide a driver for innovation in the earth resources and mining sector, the geotechnical sector, the geothermal energy sector, and geohazards management.