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 Coupling Computational Models of Global and Regional Geodynamics

The Earth's mantle consists of rock, which can be partially molten in small regions, but the vast majority of the mantle material is solid. In response to short-term force, e.g. seismic waves, the mantle behaves like an elastic solid body. However, in geological time scales the rock behaves like a viscous fluid and allows global-scale circulation. Tectonic structures likes faults and mountains, horizontal plate movements, earthquakes or volcanoes are expressions of these interior movements.

The aims of this project are to

  • implement the latest observational constraints into a global model of contemporary mantle circulation,
  • develop a (template) regional tectonic model
  • couple both models to improve the regional model

The ideal candidate will have

  • knowledge of computational programming,
  • strong mathematical or physics skills,
  • some background or interest in Geophysics.

You will be supervised by Professor Hans Muhlhaus (mathematical engineering) and Dr. Klaus Gottschaldt (computational geodynamics). For further information please contact Klaus Gottschaldt.