There are a number of resources available to new and continuing staff at UQ. These include information about:

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Staff Induction Policy

The University of Queensland is committed to providing a best practice induction process, including informing staff about the equity, diversity and inclusion principles of the University.

The staff induction policy can be viewed on the PPL.

Staff Induction Process

While equity and diversity information is provided to staff in the official University Staff Induction process, many work areas are beginning to design their own context specific equity induction presentations. These encompass the array of areas where University employees work including specific field trips, work placement off campus and student supervision. If you would like more information about this, then please contact your local Human Resources staff.

EO Online Training

All new staff at the University of Queensland are required to complete Module One of EO Online in their induction. EO Online is an interactive equity and diversity training program which is completed online. For more information please see the EO Online training page.

EO Online has two modules, which should take between 45 minutes to one hour to complete. To access the EO Online training course please see here.

The EO Online training program must be completed every two years to remain valid.

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection

University of Queensland Recruitment and Selection Policy

The University of Queensland is committed to recruiting, supporting, developing and retaining staff of the highest calibre, especially academic staff of international standing. This calls for an equitable, competitive and timely recruitment and staff selection process. The University seeks to:

  • Maintain the principle of open competition on the basis of merit to appoint the best candidates.
  • Provide equal opportunity for all candidates.
  • Encourage members of employment-disadvantaged groups to consider employment with the University.
  • Represent in its staffing profile the community it serves.
  • Ensure that selection procedures are efficient and effective.
  • Maintain applicant confidentiality.

It is best practice to have duly constituted selection committees, with a minimum of 25 per cent from the minority gender, whether male or female. This will assist in removing bias in all stages in of the selection process to ensure objectivity and fairness. Heads of organisational units should also seek to attract a pool of applicants with an appropriate gender balance to help achieve the University's goal of gender equity

The University of Queensland Recruitment and Selection policy can be seen here:

Image of the sandstone buildings at the St Lucia campus of UQ.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategy

The University of Queensland is committed to the positive and authentic inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the life of the University. The University recognises the value and significance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in achieving and maintaining a diverse, principled and ethical scholarly community. The University has an aspirational target of 2.8% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment across the University and has developed a strategy to achieve this.

This Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategy is available here.

For more information about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategy, please contact the Australian Indigenous Employment Coordinator, Mr Ashley Ibarra.

Best practice manual for recruitment and selection

The University has developed a Recruitment and Selection manual that reflects best practice. This manual is implemented across the University and reflects the appropriate equity and diversity principles within the recrutiment and selection process. This manual is underpined by the Best Practice Guidelines for recruiting and selecting staff developed by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

The University manual contains information about:

  • Developing a position description.
  • Designing selection criteria.
  • Nomination of selection committee members.
  • Receiving applications and creating shortlists.
  • The interview process.
  • The selection process.
  • Appointment of a position and guidelines surrounding the probation period.

For more information about The University of Queensland Recuitment and Selection Manual please see here: 

Staff Development

Staff Development

The University of Queensland is committed to providing ongoing training to its staff to develop their skills and knowledge.

The University provides number of staff development programs that aim to build a more informed staff community in relation to equity, diversity and inclusion related fields.

These programs include:

For more information about staff development programs, please see the UQ Staff Development page.

Career development opportunities and programs are also offered through external agencies such as: