About the UQ Ally Network

The UQ Ally program sets out to develop a visible network of empathetic UQ staff who are allies of students and staff with diverse gender and sexuality.

Members of the UQ Ally Network are not experts about matters of sexuality and gender – they are people who strongly support the University's stance on making this an environment where all people can safely work and study free of harassment or discrimination. In particular, a UQ Ally understands the reasons why many transgender, bisexual, gay, lesbian or intersex people are not in positions to speak out on their own behalf, or are fearful of being harassed or discriminated against, and why it is so important to have staff who are prepared to do this.

The UQ Ally Network program is an award winning program. In 2016 the University was awarded a Bronze award by Pride in Diversity in the Australian Workplace Eqaulity Index, making UQ one of the top five Australian universities in gender and sexuality diversity inclusion. In 2011 UQ was named as one of the top ten most LGBTI friendly Australian employers by Pride in Diversity.

Image of the Pride in Diversity logoImage of the Bronze award UQ was awarded by Pride in Diversity in the 2016 Australian Workplace Equality Index

How do I become a UQ Ally?

To become a UQ Ally, you must be committed to creating a supportive and inclusive space for people who identify as being sexually and gender diverse. You must also complete the UQ Ally Workshop training program.

UQ Ally Workshop is generally conducted twice a year. For more information about the training and to register for a course, please see the Staff Development page.

UQ Ally members are invited to regular network meetings. The Ally Network meetings provide a forum for conversation, discussion and further education of our Allies to ensure that they remain up-to-date with knowledge of terminology, specific barriers or areas of concern and changes to University policy and procedures and legislation. The Ally Network meeting is also a forum to gather feedback from staff in regards to barriers or challenges present in the organisation, celebrate successes and brainstorm initiatives for the future. To register for the next Ally Network meeting, please see the Staff development page.

A number of useful resources for Allies, and those interested in sexually and gender diversity, please see the Ally Resources page here.

Please contact Workplace Diversity and Inclusion if you would like any more information about the UQ Ally Network.

How do I find a UQ Ally?

A list of our UQ Ally Network Members can be found here, or you can contact Workplace Diversity and Inclusion.

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