Overview of the Staff and Student Disability Consultative Group

The aim of the Group is to apply the principle of ‘nothing about us, without us’ to all University business. “Nothing about us, without us” is a principle used in disability rights to identify that decision-making, policy and programs should not be done without the full and direct participation of members of the group(s) affected by that policy. It is essential that the people who are affected, or who are being targeted by an initiative, are effectively consulted with to ensure that the proposed program actually meets their needs and expectations.

The purpose of the Group will be to provide a consultative mechanism for the development and implementation of disability inclusion initiatives across the University. 

The Staff and Student Disability Consultative Group Terms of Reference are available to download.

Members of the Staff and Student Disability Consultative Group are outlined below. If you have any questions or feedback that you would like to share with the Group, please contact Ms Jordan Tredinnick, Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Consultant.

Members of the Staff and Student Disability Consultative Group

Name Position
Paul Harpur (Chair) Senior Lecturer, TB Beirne School of Law
Jillian Ash Student representative
Jim Carmichael Director, Occupational Health and Safety
Dee Gibbon Associate Director, Workplace Diversity and Inclusion, (representing Director, Human Resources)
Dan Jarvis Student representative
Bradley Mark Student representative
Michelle Morgan Adjunct Research Fellow, School of Education
Rob Pensalfini Associate Professor, School of Languages and Culture
Kym Powell Manager, Disability Services, Student Services
Paul Sheeran Associate Director, IT Governance (representing Director, Information Technology Services)
Greg Smyth Director, Strategic Procurement
Andrea Strachan Director, Student Services
Tim Sweeney Manager, Estate Planning, Property and Facilities (representing Director, Property and Facilities)
Clare Tarlington Executive Assistance, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
Jordan Tredinnick Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Consultant
Sybilla Wilson Disability Advisor, Student Services