Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategy 2016-2017

The University of Queensland is committed to the positive and authentic inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the life of the University. The University recognises the value and significance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in achieving and maintaining a diverse, principled and ethical scholarly community. The University has an aspirational target of 2.8% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment across the University and has developed a strategy to achieve this.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategy 2016-2017 can be found here.

For more information about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategy, please contact the Australian Indigenous Employment Coordinator

UQ Disability Action Plan 2016-2018

The University of Queensland Disability Action Plan 2016-2018 (DAP) constitutes formal recognition of the University’s commitment to persons with disability and presents a framework of principles, objectives and operational action items to ensure that the University is a disability confident organisation that is inclusive and accessible for people of all abilities. The DAP is informed by provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) and the associated Disability Standards of Education 2005.

The University, as an education provider and as an employer, is committed to improving the inclusion, accessibility and awareness of disability in all areas of the University. The Plan provides an operational framework that seeks to address and remove potential barriers that may be present in the University’s physical and digital infrastructure, employment and education design and practice so that all members of our community are able to participate in, and have access to, all that the University has to offer its staff and students.

The DAP can be viewed here: The University of Queensland Disability Action Plan 2016-2018

If you have any questions or comments about the DAP, please contact Workplace Diversity and Inclusion.

UQ Disability Action Plan Annual Reports

2017 UQ Annual DAP Report

As outlined in the DAP, the Provost, as principal manager, requests responsible stakeholders identified in the Plan to report annually on the achievements of the action items for which they are accountable. The 2017 UQ Annual Report provides a consolidated overview of the annual reports provided by stakeholders for the first year of operation of the DAP. The reporting period for this report is defined as the 3 December 2015 to the 15 January 2017. 

The 2017 UQ Annual DAP Report is available to download. UQ log-in is required to view the report.

UQ Strategic Plan 2014-2017

The University of Queensland Strategic Plan 2014-2017 is the key document in the University’s cycle of planning and accountability. It articulates the University’s focus through a set of strategic objectives which outline the direction and desired positioning of UQ forecasted into the four years. The strategies outline steps the University aims to take to achieve these objectives.

There are a number of Workplace Diversity and Inclusion key performance indicators, targets and objectives detailed in The University of Queensland Strategic Plan 2014-2017. These demonstrate UQ’s commitment to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive institution.

The equity and diversity specific objectives outline UQ’s commitment to identifying and addressing areas of under-representation amongst staff and students and providing them with a diverse range of experiences.

The University of Queenslands Strategic Plan 2014-2017 can be viewed here: University of Queensland Strategic Plan 2014-2017.

The University's commitment to its Strategic Plan is collective and democratic: the entire University is responsible for its delivery and achievement. Through a tiered planning process, all areas in UQ can connect their activities to the University's objectives. The annual UQ Operational Plan identifies the targets and initiatives to be achieved by the University each year, to support the achievement of the strategic targets, objectives and key performance indicators outlined in the Strategic Plan. More information about the University Operational Plans can be found on the UQ Planning and Business Intelligence website

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