The following are some useful guides related to staff equity, diversity and inclusion. See the Quick Links for some leading organisations in equity, diversity and inclusion in employment.

Workplace Inclusiveness

Guide for using inclusive language

This Workplace Diversity and Inclusion guide provides information for staff about ways that they can use people-centric inclusive language to help develop and maintain an inclusive, positive and safe environment for all members of our community.

Returning to work from a period of parental leave and/or adoption leave

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion have developed a guide for staff returning from a period of parental and/or adoption leave and a guide for supervisors supporting staff returning from a period of parental leave. 

Dealing with Challenging Working Relations

This UQ factsheet provides strategies and techniques on how to effectively deal with challenging working relations.

 This resource is available for download here:

Healthy Responses to Workplace Conflict- A Guide For Managers

This UQ factsheet provides managers a best practice guide to effectively responding to workplace conflict.

This resource is available for download here:

Recognising Signs of Distress in the Workplace

This UQ factsheet provides information for managers to effectively recognise signs of distress in their staff to effectively manage and mitigate any possible situations of conflict.

This resource is available for download here:

Employers’ Toolkit: Resources for Building an Inclusive Workplace

The material in this kit is designed to assist employers with setting out their commitment to tackle discrimination and sexual harassment and to promote equality and diversity in areas such as recruitment, training and management.

Best Practice Guidelines for Recruitment and Selection

The AHRC provides best practice guidelines for developing selection criteria, advertising, short listing, application forms, testing, interviewing, referee reports, making the decision and medical examination for recruiting and selecting the most appropriate person for the job.

Best Practice Guidelines for Creating a Productive Workplace Environment

This resource provides best practice guidelines on how to build and maintain a positive workplace environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.

Diversity and Inclusion: Improving Business Peformance

This resource was developed by Deolitte and the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, and demonstrates why diversity and inclusion is both a business and fairness issue. A new recipe to improve business performance can be found here.

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Gender Equity

Women, Careers and Universities: Where to From Here?

This 2016 research paper by Glenda Strachan, David Peetz, Gillian Whitehouse, Janis Bailey, Kaye Broadbent, Robyn May, Carolyn Troup and Michelle Nesic, provides a deep insight into the gendered nature of employment, working conditions and career patterns of University staff, with emphasis on key points in the career life cycle.

Assisting Managers with Gender Equity

This resource, a result of the partnership between Male Champions of Change and Chief Executive Women, provides a simple management model “The Leadership Shadow” which suggests actions and behaviours that are most likely to support progress in gender diversity. It will help managers listen, learn and led by example by understanding the impact of their personal actions.

Mentoring for Change

This publication is intended as a resource to inform the practice of mentoring within the Australian Higher Education sector.

Targets and Quotas for Women in Leadership

This Centre for Ethical Leadership research paper provides empirical evidence and analysis on the impact of targets and quotas for women in leadership.

A copy of the research report can be found here.

Building the Business Case for Gender Equity

This Centre for Ethical Leadership research paper presents the business case for gender equity.

A copy of the research paper can be found here.  

Workplace Gender Equality Agency International Gender Equality Statistics

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) International Gender Equality Statistics report published in May 2016 and presents statistics on gender diversity in economic security, education, leadership and care work in 28 countries. Data is collated from a number of different international organisations. The WGEA fact sheet can be found here.

Workplace Gender Equality Agency Superannuation and Gender Pay Gaps

This report from WGEA, published in February 2016, identifies the effect the gender pay gap has on superannuation in Australia at different ages. The report from WGEA can be found here.

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Australian Multicultural Foundation (AMF) Managing Cultural Diversity Resource

This resource from AMF provides a comprehensive overview of how to manage cultural diversity in the workplace. It provides strategies, education and communication skills to overcome cultural differences to maintain a diverse and inclusive work environment.

AMF Managing Cultural Diversity.

Beyond Blue's Invisible Discrimination campaign

The Beyond Blue's Invisible Discrimination campaign provides a number of information resources that address the impact that racism has in the workplace, and provides resources on how to prevent racism from occurring in the workplace to develop healthy workplaces. 

Australian Human Rights Commission Racial Discrimination Act explained

This fact sheet provides an explanation on the Racial Discrimination Act, including the background of the legislation, case law, impacts of racism and some other useful links. 

Disability Inclusiveness

UQ Mental Health Toolkit

Staff Support and Rehabilitation, Human Resources has developed a UQ mental Health Toolkit designed to provide information to support staff in the workplace.

Job Access: Australian Government Information for Employers and Managers

Like all employees, people with disability bring a range of skills, talents and abilities to the workplace. This Australian Government website provides a range of information for managers on employing people with a disability. Resources include key contacts, information on support available for workplace adjustments, recruitment guidelines, checklists and guides.

Workers with Mental Illness: a Practical Guide for Managers

This guide provides information on how to appropriately support workers with mental illness and how to develop and promote a safe and healthy work environment for all workers. This guide provides guidance on obligations under occupational health and safety and disability discrimination legislation, and understanding and education about how to talk about mental health.

Return to Work Resources

The resources are designed to help employees successfully return to work following depression, anxiety or a related mental health problem.

Gender and Sexuality Diversity

Understanding Gender and Sexuality

Student Help on Campus has developed guides to understand the diversity of gender and sexuality.

Trans At Work

The Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland has produced this factsheet providing information on how to develop and maintain an inclusive workplace for trans people.

Trans At Work Resource.

Employers’ Guide to Intersex Inclusion

This Pride in Diversity Australia publication provides information about intersex people and how to create an inclusive and understanding workplace.

Pride in Diversity Employers’ Guide to Intersex Inclusion.

Pride in Diversity

UQ is a member of Pride in Diversity and so have access to a number of useful resources to support the inclusion of the diversity of gender and sexuality. These resources are for UQ staff only and should not be shared publicly. You can log-in using your UQ credentials to view these resources.

Homophobia in the Workplace

The PFLAG resources page has a number of useful publications and resources available for staff. The Homophobia in the Workplace publication is an excellent resource for identifying, preventing and removing homophobia in the workplace. Workplace Diversity and Inclusion has a number of PFLAG resources available in hard copy, please contact Workplace Diversity and Inclusion if you would like some.

Supporting Your Employees Affected by the Debate on Marriage Equality

This Pride in Diversity information resource provides information to employers, supervisors and managers in regards to supporting staff who are affected by the debate on marriage equality. 

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Quick Links

  • Australian Human Rights Commission: The AHRC provides a number of useful fact sheets and toolkits about preventing discrimination and harassment in the workplace.
  • Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland: The ADCQ provides a number of useful fact sheets and toolkits about preventing discrimination and harassment in the workplace.
  • The Centre for Ethical Leadership: The Centre for Ethical Leadership is an excellent source of information and resources for implementing diverse and inclusive leadership to enhance an organisation. 
  • Diversity Council Australia: provides information about implementing equity, diversity and inclusion principles in the workplace
  • Fair Work Ombudsman: provides information about employment rights and obligations.
  • National Disability Recruitment Coordinator: is a government initiative about enhancing employment opportunities and support for persons with disability.
  • Pride in Diversity: UQ is a member of this non-profit organisation which supports sexuality and gender diversity inclusion in the workplace.
  • PwC: Produces research on implementing equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in management.
  • Science in Australia Gender Equity: SAGE are steering the implementation of the Athena SWAN pilot in Australia, and has a number of useful resources and information