UQR&I is very pleased to announce the opening of the University of Queensland Development Fellowships. The scheme aims to foster development of the most promising early career researchers and retain mid-career and senior academic staff of exceptional calibre at the University. One of the features of the 2017 Fellowships is to enhance the career advancement of women through the Advancing Female Academics strategic scheme objective.

Key Scheme Features

  • UQ Development Fellowships are available through two funding streams:
    • UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (UQ PDRF): Attracting and fostering talented early career researchers; and
    • UQ Strategic Research Fellowships (UQ SRF): Retaining mid-career and senior academic staff of exceptional calibre.
  • Fellowships will be funded centrally in combination with the Host Faculty/Institute and/or School/Centre. A flat per annum central contribution amount (indexed annually) will be allocated for each of the academic appointment levels from Level A to E. The remaining co-funding is to be provided exclusively by the nominated UQ Host.
  • Fellowships may be applied for and awarded funding for up to a maximum of three years and are to be taken up by 1 January 2018.
  • Fellowships may be held on a part-time basis (for family and/or carer responsibilities).
  • The scheme will strengthen the University’s efforts in enhancing the career advancement of women through the Advancing Female Academics strategic scheme objective.
  • The scheme will use Capacity Areas to help ensure our researchers are provided with a broader base of training and/or experience, extending beyond their research capabilities.
  • The Capacity Area will require the submission of a 3-page portfolio of activities within the application form. One of the three Capacity Areas must be chosen in the application.

For detailed information on the features of the scheme, selection and eligibility criteria, please refer to the UQ Development Fellowships Guidelines, available on the UQR&I website

Key Dates

Applications, along with Faculty/Institute recommendations and rankings, are to be submitted to UQR&I by 5pm 28 September 2016. Applicants should be aware that Schools/Centres/Faculties/Institutes will require applications to be submitted for assessment and ranking prior to this date. Please contact your Faculty/Institute Research Liaison for local deadlines.

Online Application Form

UQ Development Fellowships proposals must be submitted via UQR&I Online Forms. For further information, please refer to the ‘How to Apply’ section of the UQ Development Fellowships website. A User Guide is also available under ‘UQ Documentation’ with detailed information for applicants and School/Centre/Faculty/Institute staff on how to create, submit and certify proposals using the online system. A suite of templates are available at the above website and must be used for the various sections of the Application Form which require PDF uploads (such as the CV, Research Plan, and Capacity Area Plan).

Information Session

UQR&I will be coordinating an Information Session to outline the scheme features and application process. The session will be conducted at St Lucia and streamed live to other campuses, subject to room availability. Further details will follow shortly.

Further Information

The 2017 UQ Development Fellowships scheme Guidelines, Sample Application Form, System User Guide, and relevant template documents are available on the UQR&I website. Please do not hesitate to contact UQFellowships@research.uq.edu.au if you have any questions.