The TTF UQ Reference Group meets four times a year.  The membership includes representatives from the School of Education as well as the TTF Project Coordinator and the ICT Pedagogy Officer.  The members of the Reference Group are:

  • Professor Peter Renshaw (Head of School & Project Coordinator)
  • Dr Chris Campbell (ICT Pedagogy Officer)
  • Dr Shelly Dole (Primary Education Program Director)
  • Dr Kaye Eldridge (School Manager)
  • Professor Merrilyn Goos (Director of TEDI)
  • Dr Julie McCredden (SBS Educational Design Officer)
  • Dr Kerryn McCluskey (Secondary Education Program Director and Practicum Co-ordinator)
  • Ms Pam Schindler (Librarian)
  • Dr Caroline Steele (Vice President of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCLITE))
  • Ms Aspa Baroutsis (Post-graduate Representative)
  • Ms Kathryn Moore (Under-graduate Representative)
  • Ms Sabrina Schmid (Under-graduate Representative)

As a reference group member will assist the Project Coordinator and the ICT Pedagogy Officer by:

  • Providing an informed and critical audience for their oral progress reports;
  • Suggesting resources and references relevant to the project;
  • Informing the project from their perspective as a researcher, educator and user of ICTs in learning;
  • Using their network to build a broad base for decisions and plans proposed by the team;
  • Influencing how the project will be evaluated.
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