Known as one of the top research schools of education in Australia, the School of Education attracts distinguished educators from Australia and around the world. The School is widely involved in school-based and community development, professional associations and editorial projects. With a vibrant postgraduate culture, scholars and researchers of national and international status generate over one hundred books, monographs and articles each year.

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Professor Robyn Gillies

Professor Merrilyn Goos

Professor Bob Lingard

Professor Martin Mills

Professor Peter Renshaw

Associate Professor

Associate Professor Annemaree Carroll

Associate Professor Monica Cuskelly

Associate Professor Gloria Dall'Alba

Associate Professor Shelley Dole

Associate Professor Liz Mackinlay

Associate Professor Karen Moni

Associate Professor Christa van Kraayenoord

Senior Lecturer

Dr Ian Hardy

Dr Eileen Honan

Dr Katie Makar

Dr Kerryn McCluskey

Dr Mary McMahon

Dr Kim Nichols

Dr Ravinder Sidhu

Dr Tony Wright


Dr Chris Campbell

Dr Obaid Hamid

Dr Carmen Mills

Dr Louise Phillips

Dr Simone Smala

Dr Jana Visnovska

Dr Linda Willis

Dr Christina Gowlett

Research staff

Dr Julie Bower

Dr Donna Couzens

Dr Geoff Hilton

Dr Amanda Keddie

Dr Sam Sellar

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