Professor/ARC Professorial Fellow
Professor/ARC Professorial Fellow

Professor Prasada Rao


Phone: +61 7 336 56424

Fax: +61 7 336 57299

Location: 540 [colin clark building]

Qualifications: M.A (Economics), Andhra University, India. PhD (Econometrics) Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, India)

Research interests:

  • Index Number methods for spatial and temporal comparisons.
  • Measurement of Efficiency and Productivity.
  • Purchasing Power Parities – methods for compilation.

Selected publications:

  • D. Chotikapanich, Bill Griffiths, D.S. Prasada Roa and Vicar Valencia (2010), Global income distributions and inequality, 1993 and 2000: Incorporating country-level inequality modelled with Beta distr
  • Tang, Kam Ki, Petrie, Dennis and Rao, D.S. Prasada (2009) The income-climate trap of health development: A comparative analysis of African and non-African countries. Social Science & Medicine, 69 7:
  • Tang, K. K., Chin, J. T. C. and Rao, D. S. P. (2008) Avoidable mortality risks andmeasurement of wellbeing and inequality. Journal of Health Economics, 27 3: 624-641.
  • Lee, B. L., Rao, D. S. P. and Shepherd, W. (2007) Comparisons of real output and productivity of Chinese and Indian manufacturing. Journal of Development Economics, 84 1: 378-416.
  • Chotikapanich, D., Griffiths, W.E. and Rao, D. S. P. (2007) Estimating and combining national income distributions using limited data. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 25 1: 97-109.

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