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Journal articles by John Quiggin published in 1999

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Bleichrodt, H. and Quiggin, J. (1999), 'QALYs and consumer demand for health care', Journal of Health Economics18, 681-708..

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Fraser, L. and Quiggin, J. (1999), 'Competitive tendering and service quality', Just Policy17, 53-7.

Horowitz, J., McConnell, K. and Quiggin, J. (1999), 'A test of competing explanations of compensation demanded ', Economic Inquir y37(4), 637-46.

Quiggin, J. (1999), 'Globalisation, neoliberalism and inequality in Australia', The Economic and Labour Relations Review 10(2), 240-59.

Quiggin, J. (1999), 'Human capital theory and education policy in Australia', Australian Economic Review 32(2), 130-44.

Quiggin, J. (1999), 'The future of government: mixed economy or minimal state?', Australian Journal of Public Administration 58(4), 39-53.

Quiggin, J. and Horowitz, J. (1999), 'The impact of global warming on agriculture: a Ricardian analysis: comment', American Economic Review 89(4), 1044-45.

Quiggin, J. (1999), 'The premature burial of natural monopoly: Rejoinder', Agenda 6(1), 47-50.

Quiggin, J. (1999), 'Quiggin on GST', Conservation North Queensland 15(2), 5.

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Quiggin, J. (1999), 'Rationalism and rationality in economics', Queensland Economic Review (3), 4-5.

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Just, R., Calvin, L., and Quiggin, J. (1999), 'Adverse selection in crop insurance: actuarial and asymmetric information incentives', American Journalof Agricultural Economics 81(November), 834-49.

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