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Journal articles by John Quiggin published in 1995

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Quiggin, J. (1995), 'The suboptimality of efficiency', Economics Letters 47, 389-92.

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Quiggin, J. (1995), 'Does privatisation pay ?', Australian Economic Review 95(2), 23-42.

Quiggin, J. (1995), 'Does privatisation pay -- A reply to Domberger', Australian Economic review 95(2), 48-49.

Langmore, J. and Quiggin, J. (1995), 'Work For All - Reply', Agenda

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Quiggin, J. (1995), 'Common property in agricultural production', Journal of Economic Behavior and Organisation 26(1), 179-200.

Quiggin, J. and Horowitz, J. (1995), 'Time and risk', Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 10(1), 37-55.

Biglaiser, G., Horowitz, J. and Quiggin, J. (1995), 'Dynamic pollution regulation', Journal of Regulatory Economics 8(1), 33-44.

Quiggin, J. (1995), 'Economic choice in generalized expected utility theory', Theory and Decision 38(1), 153-71.

Blamey, R., Common, M. and Quiggin, J. (1995), 'Respondents to contingent valuation surveys: consumers or citizens ?', Australian Journal of Agricultural Economics 39(1), 263-88.

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