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John Quiggin

Selected Conference papers by John Quiggin

Quiggin, J. (1988), 'Does micro-irrigation pay', invited keynote paper presented at 4th International Congress on Micro-Irrigation, Albury, October 1988.

Quiggin, J. (1990), 'Framing', paper presented at Conference in my honor, George Mason University, December, under revision.

Quiggin, J. (1995), 'Should we be investing more in education ?', paper presented at NBEET / ANU Education conference, Canberra.

Quiggin, J. (1995), ''Where is economics going ?', paper presented at Seminar presentation, JCU.

Quiggin, J. (1995), 'Work to be Done', paper presented at Paper presented to ACOSS Conference, Brisbane.

Quiggin, J. (1996), 'The intensification of work and the polarisation of labor', paper presented at Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia Workshop, Canberra.

Chambers, R. G. and Quiggin, J. (2001), "Dual applications to estimating supply response systems under price and production uncertainty: the state-contingent approach," invited paper presented at the Southern Regional Risk Project SER-IEG-31 Annual Meetings, Gulf Shores, Alabama, March 2224, 2001.

Quiggin, J. (2001), 'Background risk under constant risk aversion', paper presented at FUR X conference, Turin, Italy.

Quiggin, J. (2001), 'Governance of public corporations: Profits and the public benefit', paper presented at conference on Governance of public corporations, Brisbane.

Quiggin, J. (2001), 'Economic governance and microeconomic reform', paper presented at conference on Economic governance, Brisbane.

Quiggin, J. (2002), 'Looking back on microeconomic reform', paper presented at Economists' Conference, Adelaide.

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