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Mail: School of Economics, University of Queensland, St Lucia 4072

Joint Affiliation: School of Political Science & International Relations, University of Queensland, St Lucia 4072

The Risk and Sustainable Management Group website presents research publications and current news on my main research activities, focused on uncertainty, climate change and sustainable management of the Murray-Darling Basin

My weblog gives daily observations on a wide range issues. Visit and add your own comments

Here is my CV

Zombie Economics

My new book, just published by Princeton University Press.
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Journal articles

Current state of progress: Most (but not all) of my articles from 1991-2005 are available either in HTML or PS/PDF format, gradually standardising on PDF. If the article you want is not available, or quality is inadequate, email me to ask for a hardcopy reprint.

For papers before 2004, the version presented is my final version and may differ from published version because of changes in proof stage or where co-authors have dealt with final version

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Other work

Still incomplete, but getting up to date

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