Associate Professor
Associate Professor

Associate Professor Peter Earl


Phone: +61 7 336 56598

Fax: +61 7 336 57299

Location: 605 [colin clark building]

Qualifications: MA, PhD Cambridge

Research interests:

  • Emergent Complexity and Organization
  • Industry Economics and Industrial Organisation
  • Microeconomic Theory


  • Earl, P.E. and Littleboy, B. (2014) G.L.S. Shackle (Great Thinkers in Economics Series), Basingstoke and London, Palgrave, pp. xiii + 246.
  • Earl, P.E. (2014) ‘Bringing psychology and pluralism into the teaching of welfare economics, International journal of Pluralism and Economics Education, 5(1) 58–77.
  • Earl, P.E. (2013) ‘The robot, the party animal and the philosopher: an evolutionary perspective on deliberation and preference’, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 37(6), November, pp. 1263–1282.
  • Earl, P.E. and Potts, J. (2013) ‘The creative instability hypothesis’, Journal of Cultural Economics, 37(2), pp. 153–173.
  • Earl, P.E. (2012)) ‘Experiential approach to automotive consumption’, Journal of Business Research, 65(7), July: pp. 1067-1072.

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