For the past three decades, East Asia has outperformed all other regions of the world in terms of the rate at which its economies have developed. The rise of China, the new engine of world growth, means this exceptional performance is only likely to continue into the future.

In 2005, the School of Economics at The University of Queensland (UQ)and Shandong University (SDU)formed the UQ-SDU East Asia Economic Research Group to serve as a focal point for research activities involving this most dynamic of regions at both institutions. The Group has a discussion paper series that disseminates current research-in-progress.

For further information please contact one of the following coordinators:


Dr James Laurenceson
Phone: (617) 3365 6085
Fax: (617) 3365 7299


Professor Qin Fengming
Phone: (0531)88369992
Fax: (0531)88571371



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