Senior Lecturer
Senior Lecturer

Dr Alan Duhs


Phone: +61 7 334 69539

Fax: +61 7 3365 7299

Location: 513 [colin clark building]

Qualifications: B.Econ (Hons) UQ, BA (UQ), MA (Sussex).

Research interests:

  • Economic Philosophy
  • Economic Development and Growth
  • Reforms to Tertiary Education Sector

Selected publications:

  • Penalties for Dangerous Tackles in the Australian NRL Competition. Rugby League 'Judiciary' Decisions Reviewed from the Chicago School Perspective on the Economics of Crime and Punishment. Economic Analysis and Policy, 44 4: 355–363.
  • Implicit a prioris in the Evolution of Economics: Ratzinger’s Alternative, (2011) with Andrew Hodge. Journal of Economic Issues, XLV 4: 941-963.
  • Capabilities, rights and justice in the context of Australian Aboriginal welfare policy (2009) with Laura Davidoff. Forum for Social Economics, 39 1: 23-31
  • Poverty Alleviation, Asset Distribution and Equity Goals in Economic Development: The case of Filipino cattle dispersal. Indian Development Review, 4 2: 367-384.
  • Sen's Economic Philosophy: Capabilities and Human Development in the Revival of Economics as a Moral Science. Real World Economics Review, 47: 173-191. Reproduced in Journal of World Economics Review, 4 1: 85-103.

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