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TFPIP Version 1.0

Total Factor Productivity Index (Computer) Program

This page describes the computer program TFPIP Version 1.0 which was written by Tim Coelli. This is a Total factor Productivity Index Program which is used to calculate Tornqvist and Fisher TFP index numbers. The program can also calculate transitive versions of these index numbers using the EKS method.

The program is compiled using a Lahey F77LEM/32 compiler for an IBM compatible PC. It is a DOS program.

If you wish to obtain a copy of the program you can download the zip file which contains all the necessary files.

If you obtain a copy of the program you may wish to send some brief email to me at so that I am able to advise you of any bugs or new versions.

For a description of index number methods and the presentation of some worked examples using this software please refer to our recently released second edition of the book: An Introduction to Efficiency and Productivity Analysis.

If you have any technical questions regarding the use of this computer program you can contact me by email at Brief questions (involving less than 10 minutes of time) will be answered as quickly as is possible. A consultancy service is available for those who have more lengthy enquiries. Consultancy fees will be provided on request.



Prof. Tim Coelli