Centre for Efficiency and Productivity Analysis

Members of CEPA can offer postgraduate supervision to students enrolled in UQ Master's and PhD programs.

Please see individual staff profiles for further details of research interests and expertise. Recent graduates include:

  • Hieu Phan Sy
  • A Spatial Equilibrium Analysis of Policies to Promote the Wood-Processing Industry in Northern Vietnam.
  • Kim Nguyen
  • Essays on hospital efficiency measurement.
  • Nicholas Rhode
  • Contributions to the Theory and Practice of Inequality Measurement.
  • Renuka Ganegodage
    Structural Transformation and Economic Growth.
  • Derek Headey
    The Effectiveness of Foreign Aid.
  • Nghiem Hong Son
    Efficiency and Effectiveness of Microfinance in Vietnam.
  • Krishna Iyer
    Empirical Studies in Trade, Foreign Investment and Economic Performance.
  • Adam Latif
    The Economic Role of Formal and Informal Inter-Firm Networks in the Development of Small and Medium Industrial Enterprises: Study of Symbiosis in the Indonesian garment industry.
  • Mopeng Pelotshweu
    Rural Poverty and Economic Deprivation in Botswana.
  • Eliana Jiminez
    Migration, remittances and social protection in Fiji, Tonga and Samoa.