Centre for Efficiency and Productivity Analysis

As part of its research activities, CEPA develops and maintains several state-of-the-art statistical software packages. This software can be used to obtain measures of productivity and efficiency using several different methodologies. Four pieces of free computer software currently available from CEPA are as follows:

DEAP Version 2.1

Deap (Ver 2.1) used to conduct data envelopment analysis (DEA).

DPIN Version 3.1

DPIN™ (Ver 3.1) used to compute TFP indices and decompose them into a measure of technical change and various measures of technical, scale and mix efficiency change. The Standard Edition is free. A Professional Edition can be obtained by paying an annual license fee.

Frontier Version 4.1

Frontier (Ver 4.1) used to estimate stochastic frontier models.

TFPIP Version 1.0

TFPIP (Ver 1.0) used to construct binary and transitive multilateral TFP indices based on Fisher and Tornqvist indices.