Centre for Efficiency and Productivity Analysis

Recent Grants and Contracts

  • Improving Likelihood Estimators: Theory and Applications to Analyzing Productivity and Efficiency and Forecasting of Probability of Economic Recession
    Project: ARC Discovery Project DP130101022
    Investigators: Zelenyuk, V., Park, B. and L. Simar
  • Productivity and Efficiency of Farms in the Northern Grains Region
    Client: CSIRO
    Investigators: O’Donnell, C.J. and A. Peyrache
  • Analysis of Efficiency and Productivity in Aged Care Homes
    Client: Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing
    Investigators: O'Donnell, C. J. and K. Nguyen.
  • Efficiency Analysis of Public Hospital Acute Admitted Services
    Client: Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing
    Investigators: O'Donnell, C. J., D.S.P. Rao, K. Nguyen and A. Peyrache.
  • Market and Financial Trends: Medium Density Residential Development in SEQ
    Client: AEC Group for SEQ Council of Mayors
    Investigators: A. Rambaldi.
  • Fiscal Federalism and Economic Growth
    Investigators: Bodman, P. (PI) and Campbell, H.A.
    Funding: ARC Discovery Grant, $162,426.(2008-2010)
  • An Econometric Analysis of SEQ Housing Prices (2010), Local Government
    Association of Queensland.
    Consultant for AEC Group, Brisbane: Rambaldi, A.N.
  • Hospital Efficiency Measurement Methodologies (2010), for the NSW Treasury.
    Uniquest Project No. 16753.
    Investigators: O'Donnell, C. J. and Nguyen, K.
  • Construction of Consistent Panels of Real Gross Domestic Product and its Components at Current and Constant Prices
    Investigators: Rao, Rambaldi andDoran
    Post Doctoral Staff: Ganegodage
    Funding: ARC Discovery (2009-2013) $249,882.00 + 50% Professorial Fellowship
  • State-contingent Analysis of Productivity,Efficiency and Innovation;
    Chief Investigators (in order): O’Donnell, Quiggin, Chambers.
    Funding: ARC Discovery (2008-2010) $437,599